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You’re in experienced hands…

Experienced Certified Financial Divorce Specialist and Accredited Mediator, Jo-Anne Fiore BA, CFP, RRC, FDSprovides you with the competent financial guidance you need before, during and after divorce.

Jo-Anne brings over 25 years of financial consulting experience to her clients. She has seen first hand what uninformed and poor financial settlement decisions have done to an individuals future.

As a Certified Financial Divorce Specialist Jo-Anne ensures you have a financial partner with you from the beginning to help avoid those potentially life altering costly financial mistakes.

Understand the impact of your decisions – ask us for help!

We will help mediate your financial impasses by reviewing everyone’s interests, needs and life plans. Through detailed analysis and projections we can help identify financial obstacles and pitfalls, address these concerns and work towards satisfying the interests of all involved with a mutually beneficial outcome before final settlement.

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