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FINANCIAL Divorce services:

Collaborative Law Financial Neutral

What is a Collaborative Law Financial Neutral?

On a collaborative divorce team, the role of the financial neutral is to work with both spouses and their lawyers.

Why use a financial neutral?

  • Helps educate the parties involved in the collaborative law process as to the financial implications of the separation
  • Provides financial advice, clarity and understanding to help the couple make informed financial decisions for each other based on their assets and cash flow
  • They can help a couple express their individual and shared financial interests, such as saving for the children’s education, addressing the needs of a disabled child, or the needs of a disabled spouse.
  • They can help with making decisions about keeping or selling matrimonial homes, or other properties
  • The benefits of using such a professional are many, they help gather the necessary data and review the data to ensure no assets are missed or overlooked, they help reduce overall costs by having you use the right professional for the right task, they help address long-term implications of financial decisions and they help the couple focus on reasonable possible outcomes.
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