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FINANCIAL Divorce services:

Early Neutral Consultation

What is Early Neutral Consultation?

It is an informational meeting where couples can ask questions and get clarification, knowing that they are not required to make any decisions or negotiations during the consultation.

It is a single session, joint meeting, to help build trust, confidence and empowerment.

Why choose an Early Neutral Consultation?

  • The first step in determining next steps
  • Cost effective way to get information on separation and divorce together
  • Learn about the different process options and how to determine which one is right for your family situation
  • It is not legal advice and you are not making any decisions in this joint meeting nor are there any negotiations
  • Get the information you both need to ensure the future success of your family unit
  • Call us to enquire or schedule your consultation today.
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Getting help earlier in the financial divorce process is always the best advice I can give.
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