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SmartSplit For Law Professionals

Get your cases closed…

…without lifting a finger.

Outsourcing the financial expertise to a Certified Financial Divorce Specialist enhances your client’s experience.

As well, you will help your client help you by having them gain the knowledge and skills they need to make those life altering financial decisions that need to be made to get them moving in the process. This can be especially helpful if you are trying to overcome a financial impasse.

There is an easier way.

Get the services of our Financial Divorce expert Jo-Anne Fiore working for you and get more cases closed – faster!

Take the weight off your team and get everything you need – clean, organized and ready to go!

Joanne has years of experience in Financial Family Mediation, Financial Divorce Analysis, Financial Statements, Net Family statements, extensive knowledge of Divorce Mate pertaining to child and spousal support calculations. She can also help families plan appropriately where there are disabled beneficiaries.

Here’s some common FAQs from Law Professionals

How does using an CFDS bring any value to me, my clients or my work?

A CFDS is able to help the client through the financial disclosure process by completing detailed financial statements and net family property statements. They can also assist in educating your clients so that they are better able to make decisions, help guide the process and help clients come to quicker resolutions. We are also able to show, through lifestyle projections, the financial consequences of various settlement options. A CFDS can also help reduce a lawyer’s liability by having financial facts analyzed by an objective and neutral third party specifically trained in divorce finance as well as provide some financial advice to help guide the client’s future.

What qualifications are necessary to become an CFDS and maintain the designation?

An existing financial designation, successful completion of the CFDS course and exam, and annual continuing education credits and upgrading.

Is a lawyer able to take the CFDS course?

It is only possible for a lawyer to take the CFDS course if they also hold a financial designation.

What type of communication would occur between an CFDS and a lawyer if working together on a case?

Written and verbal correspondence regarding the financial aspects of the client cases, including specialized reports with projections taking into account tax aspects, inflation, growth earnings, cash flow, detailed financial statements, comprehensive child and spousal support calculations, etc. 

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