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FINANCIAL Divorce services:

Family Mediation

What is Family Mediation?

A neutral third-party facilitative process among willing participants, to arrive at mutually satisfying resolutions pertaining to family and property matters.

Why Choose Mediation?

  • Ensures a safe environment for communication between parties
  • Focuses on the interests of children
  • Gives all participants a voice to express their interests and concerns
  • Reduces emotional stress
  • Helps reduce the cost of resolving family and property division issues
  • Engages both parties in developing a fair and reasonable agreement
  • Lawyer involvement is minimized, used only to assist with any unresolved issues, provide Independent Legal Advice (ILA) and produce the final legal separation agreement

Mediation vs. Litigation

  • Takes your family matters to the boardroom rather than the courtroom
  • Allows creative non-standard resolutions unique to the individuals
  • Process can move quicker and in a less costly fashion
  • Allows a platform for understanding and development of healthier relationships moving forward

As a fully accredited Family Mediator, Certified Financial Planner, Registered Retirement Consultant and Certified Financial Divorce Specialist, Jo-Anne brings her strong financial background to the forefront in helping couples construct their interest based mutually acceptable agreements incorporating all financial aspects of their specific circumstances.

Financial issues may involve:

  • completion of fully detailed financial statements
  • sworn net family property statements
  • property and business interests
  • stock options
  • detailed child and spousal support calculations
  • family tax planning issues
  • multiple property issues
  • date of marriage asset issues
  • cash flow analysis
  • budget analysis
  • post separation reconciliation
  • educational needs
  • inheritance issues
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